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Sea Stars: Saltwater Poems
Avis Harley
Photographs by Margaret Butschler
Poetry Collection
Ages 7 to 12
Boyds Mills Press, 2006, 978-1-59078-429-7
  The ocean is an extraordinary place full of fascinating, beautiful, and unique creatures. We are going to meet just a few of them, diving into blue green water and pushing our way through kelp and seaweed to see what lies beyond. There is a crab who asks us not to think of him just as that “toe-pinching” creature with big claws. He asks us to also look at his perfectly adapted crab person “a star” in his ocean world.
  Then there is a sea turtle sailing past in her “wearable home.” Here is a creature whose ancestors have quietly and serenely ploughed their way through the world’s oceans and seas for thousands of years, mostly unchanged and always seemingly carrying the history of the world on their shells.
  In this varied, often amusing, and frequently admiring collection of poems readers will find themselves exploring both ocean worlds and the world of poetry. Readers will be able to see how poetry forms were chosen to suit the creature shown in the accompanying photograph. The author has used both free and rhyming verse, and a pair of ‘wrestling’ starfish are immortalized with a haiku.
  The incredible photographs which inspired the poems perfectly portray the magical beauty of some of the world’s marine creatures.
  In a warm and friendly introduction the author and photographer who created this book describe how they came to write the poems and take the photographs for this volume. Further information about the various animals shown in the book is provided at the back of the book.


Sea Stars Saltwater Poems


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