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Sarah, also known as Hannah
Lillian Hammer Ross
Illustrated by Helen Cogancherry
Ages 8 to 12
Albert Whitman, 1994, 0-8075-7237-3
  A letter has arrived from America, and twelve-year-old Sarah and her family are both excited and upset. Sarah and her family live in a small village in central Europe. Her father recently died and it is very hard to make a living and to provide for everyone. Sarah’s uncle and aunt have decided to pay for Hannah, Sarah older sister, to go and join them in this new country which has so much to offer and so much promise for a good life. 
  Then, at the last moment, Sarah’s mother insists that Hannah must stay and Sarah must go in her place. Sarah is going to travel using the older girl’s passport and tickets. The author has managed to convey the great fear and unhappiness that Sarah experiences on her trip. She has to leave everyone and everything she has ever known behind her, and the grief of the separation is the hardest thing Sarah has ever had to endure.
  With simple and yet meaningful language the author provides a young reader with a wonderful glimpse of a significant time in European and American history.

Sarah Also Known as Hannah


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