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Santa’s Littlest Helper Travels the World

Anu Stohner

Illustrated by Henrike Wilson

Picture Book

Ages 5 to 7

Bloomsbury Books, 2007, 1-59990-187-0

  It was just before Christmas and all of Santa’s Helpers were busy getting ready for the big night. The Littlest Helper was so far ahead in his preparations that he had enough time on his hands to help the other helpers who were complaining about how much work they still had to do.

  When Christmas Eve arrived The Littlest Helper noticed that something was every wrong. Quickly he went to the one house that showed activity in the village and discovered that all the other helpers were in bed and they were covered with red spots. With the exception of the Chief helper and the doctor they all had bad cases of Christmas pox. They would not be able to deliver presents that night. What could be done?

  Then the Littlest Helper suggested that they ask his animal friends to help deliver the gifts. The Chief Helper agreed and the animals were thrilled with the idea. Soon the night skies around the world were filled with animals of all kinds driving sleighs and delivering gifts. The animals saw sights that dazzled their eyes and it was an experience they would never forget.

  In this delightful tale, Santa’s Littlest Helper, who takes gifts to the animals on Christmas Eve, is suddenly and unexpectedly given a very awesome task to complete. Thankfully he is able to rise to the occasion, as are his furry and his feathered friends. A charming story and delightfully warm and vibrant acrylic artwork makes this a winning tale for Christmas days.

  Readers who enjoy this title might like to read the first Santa’s Littlest Helper book.


Santa's Little Helper Travel's the world


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