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Sam Katz on the loose
Frank Radice and Vida Radice
Illustrated and paper engineering by Charles Fazzino
Pop-up Book
Ages 3 and up
Random House (USA), 2005, 0-375-83120-7
  Sam Katz lives with his “folks” in a comfortable apartment in the city. Now, though he has a good life - and is getting rather fat because of it – he cannot help wishing he could have a more exciting life full of adventures. So, Sam hops through the paintings that are hanging on the apartment walls and off he goes to nine wonderful fun-filled places where a curious cat cannot possibly get bored.
  Sam begins by visiting a farm where “the cattails grow tall and the fishes jump high” and where he is good friends with the farmer and his wife. He then goes on to visit the zoo, the sea, space, the city, the amusement park, the mountains, the north pole, and the rain forest.
  In each of the places that Sam visits the cheerful rhyming text invites readers to find all kinds of things on the page and to explore the world Sam has discovered. Pull a large tab on each page and the scene acquires a three-D effect complete with bright colors and glitter.

Sam Katz on the loose


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