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Sally Gardener

  Sally Gardner is the author and illustrator of picture books including The Fairy Catalogue, The Glass Heart and The Book of Princesses. She also illustrated the Polly books by Francesca Thomas, and is the creator of the Magical Children series, which feature unconfident children who blossom when they are gifted with magical powers. Sally has been very successfully published by Orion Children's Books, where she is notably the illustrator of Jostein Gaarder's novels as well as the creator of beautiful colour picture books. She is the author of the Tales from the Box which is a series of books about a box of toys and their adventures. The first two books are called The Countess's Calamity and Boolar's Big Day Out.
  Sally's work is characterised by her uniquely wonderful and witty imagination and her exquisite illustrations. She was a theatre designer for many years and this is reflected in the collage effect of much of her artwork.
  Sally lives in London with her twin daughters and son. Sally was a theatre designer and specialised in costume for fifteen years before moving into children’s books.

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