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Sabuda and Reinhart Present: Castle
Kyle Olmon
Illustrated by Tracy Sabin
Non-Fiction Pop-Up Book
Ages 6 and up
Scholastic, 2006, 0-439-54324-X
  “Welcome to the castle,” to a castle which existed long ago in a time when the world which was very different from the world which we live in today. This is the Middle Ages, a time when there was much fighting and when a castle with stout walls, a drawbridge, and a moat was necessary for survival. In times of trouble people from the surrounding countryside could come to the castle to take refuge there hopeful that the castle’s fortifications, its soldiers and its knights will protect them.
  The castle is almost like a little town. There are servants, cooks, a priest or two, the lord and his family, soldiers, armorers, brewers, freemasons, clerks, knights, and others. Together all these people contribute something to the running of the castle. Something is always going on, and there is always work to be done.
  Still, there are those special days when everyone gets to play and celebrate a little. The knights like nothing better than to prove themselves by competing in a tournament and it is the perfect opportunity for all the castle folk to eat, drink, gamble, and have fun.
  As they explore this very special pop-up title readers will learn a great deal about the Middle Ages and castle life. As they examine the clever pop-up creations they will be able to see the people of these times going about their daily work. They will come to appreciate that castle life was probably not as romantic as we like to imagine it to have been. It is possible to see how rigid the class system was and yet how much the inhabitants of the castle depended on one another for their daily needs.
  With humor and sensitivity Tracy Sabin has created wonderful artwork which has a period feel to it and which is both informative and entertaining.



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