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Tim Kennemore
Ages 10 to 14
Andersen Press, 2003, 1-84270-291-2
  For Josh, life is particularly wretched at the moment. His best, and only, friend Claudio has moved back to Italy, he is bullied in school, and worst of all, his baby brother Luke was born too soon. Because he was premature Luke has had many problems and Josh's parents, especially his mother, are in a constant state of anxiety and exhaustion. Their home is rather chaotic and Josh cannot help wishing that things would go back to the way they were.
  At first Josh thinks the idea of having a virtual "Technomon" pet on the Internet is just plain silly. It's kid stuff after all. But one day he finds himself going to the Technomon website and before he quite knows what he is doing he has selected a pet and is the proud 'parent' of a virtual purple egg. Josh has chosen to have a Flagondra, a kind of dragon, and he is keen to see his new pet hatch. He has no idea that he will not only get to see the pet hatch but he will have to care for it up close and personal in his home, for when Sabine comes into the world she is not a virtual dragon at all but a real live one.
  Josh and his little sister Molly are soon caught up with caring for and raising Sabine, and they both love the little dragon enormously. There are problems however for the children know that they cannot let their parents see Sabine - she has to remain a secret. And there is Luke - the baby cries almost constantly when he is in the house and the stress that this puts on the family is enormous.
  This touching, often funny story highlights the problems that arise when a new and premature baby joins a family. One sees that the stresses touch everyone and for Josh and Molly caring for and loving Sabine is a welcome change and much-needed refuge from a world full of worries and uncertainties. They discover for themselves how hard it is to be a parent, and how hard it is to care for an infant even if the infant is a dragon and not a human. The reader can delight in the techno world twist that the author has put on his book magic and can hope that Sabine won't end up burning Josh's house down.



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