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S is for Shamrock: An Ireland Alphabet
Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Matt Faulkner
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 6 to 12
Sleeping Bear Press, 2007, 1-58536-290-5
  It is an island rich with tradition, history, myth, and legend. It is a place which has given birth to many famous artists, writers, poets, scientists and musicians. It is also a country whose national Saint’s day is celebrated by people all over the world. There can be no doubt indeed that Ireland touches the imagination of many and this delightful and fact filled picture alphabet book is a wonderful celebration of Ireland.
  On the pages of this book readers will not only learn about Ireland’s colorful history, its “little people”, and its infamous potato famine. They will also learn, among other things, about Ireland’s natural beauties, its rapidly growing affluence in the modern world, its legends, and its famous Riverdance Company.
  For each letter of the alphabet a topic is introduced with a simple yet engaging rhyme. The topic is then expanded upon in a sidebar of text, a wonderful illustration serving as a backdrop for both.
  Eve Bunting has chosen interesting topics which will provide her readers with a fascinating overall picture of Ireland, expanding on familier ideas and stories and exploring new ones. Her readers will be left with wonderful images of this fascinating country and some may even feel a very real urge to explore Ireland for themselves one day.


S is for Shamrock


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