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Matthew Price

Illustrated by Ian P. Benfold Haywood

Novelty Picture Book

Ages 5 to 7

Matthew Price Limited, 2008, 978-1-935021-01-8

  One day a little girl is out shopping with her family when they see a small green frog in the middle of the sidewalk. Concerned that “someone will step on him” the mother suggests that they should take the little frog home with them.

  Soon after, the family is walking in the park and there they see a little lost kitten. Softhearted Mommy decides that the kitten should go home with them, and Daddy puts the little animal into the shopping basket.

  As they continue their walk, this animal loving family meets, and acquires, all kinds of creatures, until Daddy finally has to put his foot down.

  Young children who like animals will greatly enjoy the special outing that this loving family has. Warm illustrations and a well paced and sweetly amusing story are complimented by flaps that children can lift. Young readers can see the frog, kitten, canary, puppy, and mouse inside their jar, basket, cage, pocket, and box. As they read, children can try to remember which animal is tucked inside which container.


Room for one more


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