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Richard Scarry's A Day at the Police Station
Richard Scarry
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 3 to 5
Random House, 2004, 0-375-82822-2
  Mrs. Murphy has to go to Workville tomorrow and she needs her husband Sergeant Murphy to watch their little daughter Bridget. Since Sergeant Murphy needs to work he decides that he is going to take Bridget with him. You would think that Bridget would be excited to see what it is like to be a policeman but instead she cries because she had wanted to go to the amusement park.
  The next day Bridget soon finds out that her father's work is far from dull and not only that, his job is important to the animals who live in Busytown. Among other things, Sergeant Murphy has to unsnarl a dreadful traffic jam; he has to solve a ghost problem; he has to find a lost child's mother and Mr. Frumble's lost hat; and he has solve a puzzling robbery.
  Fans of the Busytown books will greatly enjoy reading about Sergeant Murphy and his escapades. As always readers will laugh at the situations that the Busytown characters get themselves into and the illustrations will give small children much to look at.

A Day at the Police Station


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