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Richard Scarry's A Day at the Fire Station
Richard Scarry
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 3 to 5
Random House,
  Drippy and Sticky, the painters, are at the Busytown fire station. It is their job to paint the fire house and somehow they have to get the job done without getting in the way of the firemen or making a mess.
  Unfortunately both Drippy and Sticky seem to live up their names. They make a dreadful muddle of things and poor Chief Smokey finds that his beautiful clean shiny red fire truck is no longer red; it is now speckled and smeared with pink paint! When the fire alarm in the fire house goes off Chief Smokey cannot worry about the state of his fire truck, nor can he think about the mess that the two painters have made of the fire house; instead Chief Smokey rushes to the scene of the fire and gets to work.
  This laugh out loud funny picture book about the woes of a fire station chief and two well meaning but bumbling painters will greatly entertain young children. Slapstick calamities abound and just when things are starting to look organized again a new disasters hits. Will Chief Smokey ever have a clean fire house again?

Richard Scarry's a day the fire Station


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