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Janet Graber
Historical Fiction
Ages 14 and up
Marshall Cavendish, 2005, 0-7614-5214-1
  Marianne is getting thoroughly fed up and moreover she is frightened. How many more times is her mother going to risk their lives by helping the Resistance in the battle against the German occupiers. She cannot help feeling that her mother has really gone too far this time. Now they have an English pilot hiding under the floor of their shed and to make matters worse, the sadistic commandant Colonel Bloch, has decided to billet a young German soldier in their house.
  Before Marianne’s father left to defend his country from the invaders, he wrote his daughter a letter asking her to take care of her deaf brother Michel. Marianne is feeling more and more desperate because their mother, still grieving for her dead husband, is determined to do everything she can to have revenge on the hated occupying forces even if this means putting the lives of her children in jeopardy. How can Marianne protect her brother if their mother will not listen to reason?
  This powerful portrayal of a family’s struggles in WWII France is unique in that it touches on how a family can be threatened not only by the enemy but also that it can be ripped apart by internal tensions and problems. Not everyone wants to play the hero; there are some who think it is more important to survive and to move on. Marianne’s discoveries about herself, her mother, and her brother are often surprising and they give the reader an intimate look into the heart and mind of another person.



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