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Ready for Spring

Marthe Jocelyn

Board Book

Ages 1 to 4

Tundra Books, 2008, 978-0-88776-849-1

  It is spring time and we want to go out and play. What should be wear? Let’s take a look in our closet and see what would work for a spring day.

  We are going to need clothes that are warm enough for a cool spring day but that are bright and cheerful too. How about these striped pants? Or maybe we should choose the overalls instead. We might want this cool cap and the matching sweater. And, we might need our rain gear too. Is it raining outside?

  For little children, choosing what to wear in the morning can be quite a challenge. They might not know what would work on a spring day when it can be cool and wet. This little book will give them ideas of what items of clothing are suitable for spring. Wonderful collage artwork and a simple, yet very helpful, storyline makes this an excellent spring title for little children.

  This is just one in a wide collection of board books, picture books, novels, and non-fiction written by this artistic and creative writer.



Ready for Spring


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