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Septimus Heap: Book Four - Queste

Angie Sage

Illustrations by Mark Zug

Fiction (Series)

Ages 9 to 12

HarperCollins, 2008, 978-0-06-088207-5

  Safely back from their journey into the past Septimus Heap and Princess Jenna are now doing all they can to find out what they can do to bring Septimus’ brother Nicko and their friend Snorri back from the past as well. Doggedly they search through records and try to find clues which will help them figure out how to solve this sticky problem. Neither Septimus nor Jenna can bear to think that they might fail in this endeavor.

  Meanwhile Merrin Meredith, servant to Simon Heap - Septimus’ outcast brother - is planning a terrible revenge on Septimus. Having dabbled in Darke Magyk Merrin plans on going to the castle to cast a horrible spell on Septimus. Not long after his arrival Merrin meets the ghost of Tertius Flume. Tertius was the very first scribe and he has a very dark heart indeed. He promises to take care of Septimus if Merrin gives Tertius the Darke Thing which follows the young man everywhere. The exchange is made and Tertius lays down his dastardly plans. He is going to set Septimus up so that the Apprentice is forced to go on a Queste – a journey no Apprentice has returned from.

  Just when you think that the adventures of Septimus Heap could not possibly become more delightfully fantastical, Angie Sage creates another book to thrill and captivate her readers. Travel through time, magic spells, witches, ghosts, and a rat man are just some of the things which you will encounter in this highly entertaining and quite bewitching book. As with the previous titles in this series, Angie Sage liberally sprinkles her story with humor. With unforgettable characters and a deliciously quirky storyline, this is a book which readers will have difficulty putting down once they have begun to read it.




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