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Gennifer Choldenko

  Gennifer Choldenko was born in Santa Monica, California in 1957. She was the youngest child in a large loud family. Her nickname as a kid was “Snot-Nose”. Gennifer spent most of her time on the back of a horse, exploring the craggy hills of Southern California.
  After college, Gennifer got a job as a copywriter in a small ad agency. In the evenings, she took classes at Art Center Art College of Design in illustration. This eventually led to a full-time study of illustration at Art Center and Rhode Island School of Design. After RISD, she began to pursue children’s books with a vengeance. It has taken her a long time to learn her craft and find her way in the field of children’s books. After having a lot of success in advertising, it was very clear to Gennifer that she’d rather be a failure in a field she loved than a success in a field she hated. Luckily, she is blessed with a rock hard head and an amazingly supportive husband.
  Gennifer is married to Jacob and has two children, Ian and Kai, she lives in Tiburon, California with her family and dog Lucy. Whilst writing Notes from a Liar and her Dog she volunteered at Oakland Zoo, doing various tasks from washing the snakes windows to giving water to the tiger.


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Gennifer Choldenko


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