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Picasso: Art Activity Pack
Mila Boutan
Non-Fiction Book, Activity Book, and Coloring Poster Kit
Ages 6 to 10
Chronicle Books, 1995, 0-8118-1690-7
  Pablo Picasso's father was a painter who quickly realized that his little son was an even better painter than he was. His father supported and encouraged Pablo who painted and drew whenever he could, preferring painting to schoolwork. He loved to paint the circus people especially the clowns and harlequins because they were such colourful characters.
  Picasso did not stick to one medium. Instead he tried oil painting, watercolor painting, and creating collages using paper. He studied with lots of famous painters and like many painters before him, he went to Paris.
  Picasso created art which was unlike anything anyone had seen before. He sometimes ignored perspective, distorting figures in bizarre ways.
  The book in this pack shows us how and why Picasso chose to create his strange and sometimes unsettling paintings and how he felt that he should paint not only what he saw but also what he felt. At the back of the book there is an excellent biography of the painter.
  Included in the pack is a selection of colored and patterned paper which the reader/artist can use to make a collage in the style of Picasso. There is a sheet which explains how Picasso made his collages and suggestions on how to make your own.

Art Activity Pack Picasso


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