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Susanne Santoro Whayne
Illustrations by Christopher Santoro
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 8
Handprint Books, 2004, 1-59354-001-9
  Max’s owners have put in a new dog door for him and it is time for him to try it out. With his people gone for the day this is the perfect time for Max to explore the yard, so out he goes through the new door and, to his astonishment, instead of being in his yard Max finds himself in a city that he has never been to before. It is a city peopled entirely by pets of all kinds. Cats drive cars, fish deliver letters, dogs run stores and go shopping. In fact there is not a single human in sight. In addition Max finds that he now walks upright and is wearing clothes. Max has somehow been transported to Petropolis, a pet city where pets can be and do whatever they wish.
  Max then meets his cat friend Nina and the two animals have a wonderful time going to the movies, eating out in restaurants, and going to an art gallery. In fact Max is having such a wonderful time that he does not want to go back home at all. At least he doesn’t until Nina reminds him of what he would be missing if he stayed in Petropolis.
  Readers will greatly enjoy exploring the highly detailed illustrations of this extraordinary pet world. They will laugh at the cunning way in which the illustrator makes Petropolis the perfect place for pets of all kinds. Older readers will appreciate the humorous touches that can be found in the artwork and animal lovers of all ages will be reminded that we are all very lucky to be so loved by our pets.




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