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Polly Dunbar

Picture Book

Ages 4 to 6

Candlewick Press, 2007, 978-0-7636-3404-9

  Ben has got a wonderful present; he has got a penguin. The thing is that Penguin does not talk. Nor does he laugh. No matter what Ben does or how funny he is, Penguin does not say a word.

  At first Ben tries simple things like tickling and making funny faces to get a reaction out of Penguin but when that does not work he tries more drastic methods. He shoots Penguin into space and he even attempts to feed Penguin to a lion. Luckily the lion does not cooperate. It is only when Ben himself gets into truly dire straits that Penguin decides that the time is now ripe to do what must be done.

  In this deliciously sweet story an impatient little boy discovers that friendship comes in many forms and that sometimes it pays to be patient. Luckily for Ben Penguin has a heart of gold and even though he is given more than just cause to abandon the little boy, Penguin sticks by him. With wonderful multimedia illustrations, delightful characters, a seamless storyline, and a perfect ending, this is a picture book which readers will treasure for years.




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