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Nick is Sick
Sandy Riggs
Illustrated by Carol Koeller
Fiction (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Barron’s Educational Series, 2006, 0-7641-3284-9
  Nick is feeling unwell and has to stay in bed. His friend Bill misses him and wishes that they could play ball together as usual. Bill brings his friend Nick a number of gifts to cheer him up and show him how much he is missed. Unfortunately Bill is not allowed to visit Nick. Then Bill comes up with a wonderful gift which allows him to see Nick and which also helps him show Nick how much Bill misses him.
  In addition to the story the author also provides her young readers with information about germs and being sick and there is an activity which will help young children make something special for a sick friend.
  This is one of the Level One titles in the Reader’s Clubhouse series. It introduces a single short-vowel sound and gives a young reader plenty of opportunity to practice using this sound. By repeating words several times the author helps the reader become familiar with certain words, and by adding more complex words to the story the author challenges the reader to sound out and decode words for his or her self.

Nick is Sick


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