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My Red Balloon
Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Kay Life
Picture Book
Ages 4 to 8
Boyds Mills Press, 2005, 1-59078-263-1
  A little boy is very excited because his daddy is coming home today. His daddy is a sailor in the navy “making sure our country stays safe” and now, at long last, he is coming home. To welcome his father back the little boy has a helium filled, heart shaped balloon with the words “welcome home” written on it. The boy hopes his father will be able to see the balloon as his ship, a large grey aircraft carrier, comes into port.
  When the little boy loses the balloon he is sure that his daddy won’t recognize him, and won’t know how much the little boy has missed him.
  Simply written with a warm message of hope and love, children whose parents have to be away for long periods of time will find this well paced picture book comforting. No matter how long their mother or father is away, they will always be recognized and loved when their parent returns. On every page the bright cheerful red balloon is a vivid splash of color, providing juxtaposition to the soft, clear backgrounds that wash across the pages.

My red Balloon


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