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Miss Spider’s Tea Party
David Kirk
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 5 to 8
Callaway, 1994, 0-590-47724-2
  More than anything Miss Spider would love to have a real tea party complete with pretty china, cakes and other delicacies. There is a problem however. Miss Spider is, of course, a spider and all the insects are terrified of her. As soon as they see her bright black and yellow person, they flee in terror, not giving poor Miss Spider the chance to explain that she does not want to eat them but that she wants to invite them to a tea party.
  A dejected and lonely Miss Spider wonders if she is ever going to be able to make friends when she meets a soggy moth who is too wet to fly away from her. Tenderly gentle Miss Spider cares for the moth, drying it off and giving it steaming tea to drink. In no time at all the word gets around that Miss Spider is the best of hostesses and soon her tea table is full of bugs, flies, and beetles of all kinds eager to be friends and to partake of her delicious meals.
  Fans of the Miss Spider books will be delighted to find out how Miss Spider came to make so many friends in her colorful flower-filled world. Delightfully musical rhymes and richly colored illustrations make this a perfect book for story time.


Miss Spider's Tea Party


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