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Melrose and Croc: A Christmas to Remember

Emma Chichester Clark

Picture book

Ages 4 to 7

Walker Books, 2005, 0-8027-9597-8

  Little Croc is very excited because he is in the city at last and tomorrow he will finally get to meet Santa Claus at Sax and Dale’s, the department store. Not far away Melrose the dog is decorating his new apartment. He too is a new arrival to the city, but unlike Croc, Melrose is feeling sad because he is lonely. How can he really enjoy all the decorating and Christmas celebrating if he is on his own?

  The next day Croc goes to Sax and Dale’s. He is utterly dismayed to learn that Santa is no longer there. He has missed his chance to see the great man. What is he is to do now? Feeling utterly miserable the little crocodile wanders out into the city, finds a place to hide, and has a good cry. Then he hears some music. When he goes to see where it is coming from he discovers that the music is coming from an ice rink. In no time Croc is gliding around the rink, wrapped up in the music. Then he crashes into someone. It is poor sad Melrose.

  Soon the two lonely animals are sitting and having tea together, telling each other their problems. Could it be that their little accident was the best thing that could have happened? Could it be that they were meant to be friends all along?

  Sometimes having a happy Christmas is not about getting lots of presents or having the best decorated home. Sometimes it is about having someone to share the holiday with. This is story is about two lonely little souls who find one another and who are able to share a special Christmas together. Simply told and with charming illustrations throughout, this is a picture book which children and their grownups are sure to enjoy.

Melrose and Croc A Christmas to Remember


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