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Meets the Eye

Christopher Golden

Fiction (Series)

Ages14 and up

Simon and Schuster, 2000, 0-671-03495-2

  Jenna Simon is trying very hard to convince herself that she did the right thing when she quit her job at the medical examiner’s office. For now it is not hard to do this. Her relationship with Damon is warming up, and things are looking good. And then a bizarre series of crimes occur that baffle the police and everyone else.

  It begins when a journalist, who is supposed to be dead and buried, gets shot by the police during a drug bust. How can someone who died in a hospital and was buried suddenly appear on the streets? Then a jewelry shop is robbed and prints left at the scene by the thief reveal that he was Adam Sheft, a man who died six weeks earlier. After Jenna sees a dead frat boy come back to life right in front of her she knows that she just has to get back into the dead people business. Are their zombies on the lose or is something else going on. Solving puzzles is something Jenna is good at and this puzzle promises to be an intriguing one.

  This often chilling and thrilling story in the Body of Evidence series is sure to entertain and captivate mystery buffs. It is also interesting to see how Jenna deals with relationships and the pressures of college life.



Meets the Eye


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