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Marthe Jocelyn

 Marthe Jocelyn is a talented and versatile author and artist. Marthe was was born in Toronto, Ontario in 1956 and as a child, she loved books and going to the theatre. Marthe went to high school in Toronto, but decided to work instead of going to college. She had many jobs before becoming a writer, including a theatre usher, a cookie seller, a waitress, a sailor, a photo stylist and a toy designer. She ran her own company, Jessie Design, for fifteen years. She moved to New York City in 1978, but continues to spend summers in Stratford, Ontario. She is married to the artist, Tom Slaughter and has two daughters Hannah and Nell. In 1997, her first book, The Invisible Day, was published. It was inspired by her older daughter's wish to have a little more freedom in the streets of New York. It was followed a year later by The Invisible Harry. She also wrote and illustrated Hannah and the Seven Dresses and Hannah’s Collection. Marthe Jocelyn and her family divide their time between New York City and Stratford, Ontario.

Marthe Jocelyn


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