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Mariel of Redwall
Brian Jacques
Fiction (Series)
Ages 12 and up
Penguin, 1991, 0-399-22144-1
  When a young mousemaid who calls herself Storm Gullwacker arrives as Redwall no one can possibly imagine what her arrival is going to mean for the creatures living at the abbey. Storm does not at first remember who she is but then her past comes back to her in horrific detail. Her real name is Mariel and she is the daughter of Joseph the Bellmaker. Mariel, Joseph, and a bell that Joseph had made for the Badger Lord of Salamandastron were all captured by Gabool the Wild, an evil searat pirate king whose ships terrorize the creatures on many shores and islands. Gabool threw Mariel into the sea but somehow, instead of dying, Mariel survived. Now she is determined to return to Gabool’s island home to slay the searat and to try to find her father. She will not be dissuaded, and neither will the young Redwall creatures who go with her. Soon the small party is heading for the island of Terramort little knowing all the dangers that await them in the days to come.
  Meanwhile, on Terramort, Gabool is getting more and more angry. Discontent is rife among the ranks of his crews and he knows that more than one of his captains would like to depose him. Gabool sends his crews off to seek out Graypatch, a renegade captain who fled from Terramort. Graypatch, seeking a new life, has discovered Redwall is determined to make the great building his new home.
  With great skill Brian Jacques weaves together the threads of several story lines to create a captivating tale in which good triumphs over evil. Solid and steady moles, brave squirrels, courageous mice, and delightfully funny heroic hares fill this world that Brian Jacques has created.


Mariel of Redwall


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