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Mack Made Movies
Don Brown
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 6 to 9
Roaring Brook Press (USA), 2003, 1-59643-091-5
  Mack wanted to be a performer. The problem was that Mack couldn’t make a go of it. He got roles such as being the rear end of a horse and he managed to find jobs where he could perform comic slapstick routines but the future did not look promising. Then Mack decided to work in the movie making business.
  Mack went against the trend of the times and he made funny, laugh-out-loud movies where the actors got into all kinds of silly situations. Actors slipped on banana peels, spilled soup all over themselves, and raced through the streets in over-crowded police cars. The movies became wildly popular and Mack launched the careers of many actors and actresses whose names are still famous today.
  Atmospheric pen and watercolor illustrations bring Mack’s world to life and will give readers a reason to smile as they discover what it was like to live in the days when movies first made an impression on the world. Readers will be fascinated to discover how the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin came to be such a success and how Mack, despite great challenges, managed to live his dream and make millions of people laugh as they watched the flickering screens in the early 1900’s movie theatres.

Mack Made Movies


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