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Luke’s Mule
Judy Kentor Schmauss
Illustrated by Shawn Costello
Fiction (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Barron’s Educational Series, 2006, 0-7641-3297-1
  Luke has a toy mule. The mule, who is called Duke, wears a cheerful red hat which has holes cut in the crown to accommodate his long ears. The hat is also decorated with a blue plume. Sue likes the plume so much that she takes it off Duke’s hat and puts it on her own. Luke is upset when he sees that Sue has taken Duke’s plume but in the end the children find a way to get around their difficulties and everyone is happy.
  In this Reader’s Clubhouse title children will get to practice reading words which have a long U sound in them. They will also encounter many other basic words which they are sure to be familiar with. Finally there are the words which are a bit more challenging to read.
  As well as the story of Luke and Duke, the author has also included an informative section about mules and an activity which readers may like to try.

Luke's Mule


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