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Little Miss Spider
David Kirk
Picture Book (Series)
Ages 3 to 5
Callaway (USA), 1999, 0-439-08389-3
  When Little Miss Spider hatches from her egg she is dismayed to discover that her mother is not there to “meet her new daughter.” Undaunted by the dangers in the world around her Little Miss Spider goes off to find her mother and thankfully she is soon joined, and helped, by a kindly green beetle called Betty. Together the beetle and the tiny yellow spider child fly all around, asking the other insects if they have seen Miss Spider’s mother.
  Some of the creatures they meet are helpful but there are others who are not. In fact there are some who do what they can to put Little Miss Spider in danger.
  In this first “Little Miss Spider” title David Kirk creates a character full of courage and determination. Young readers will have no difficulty identifying with Little Miss Spider and hoping that she will find her mother soon, before something happens to her. They will discover that a mother is not necessarily the one who gave birth to you (or who laid your egg) but is the one “who loves you the best.”

Little Miss Spider


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