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Little Bunny’s Bedtime
Jane Johnson
Illustrated by Gaby Hansen
Board Book
Ages 1 to 4
Tiger Tales, 2006, 1-58925-773-1
  Mrs. Rabbit can now settle down for the evening for at last her four little bunny children are fast asleep. Just as she begins to doze off in her comfy chair, the youngest bunny child arrives on the scene saying “I can’t sleep Mommy.” Dear me, poor Mrs. Rabbit now has to try to find a way to make her little one feel sleepy once more.
  Mrs. Rabbit tries singing, cuddling, a bath, and a snack and yet her wayward child always says that he still isn’t ready for sleep, bedtime, or good nights. What is the weary mother to do next?
  In this unpretentious board book little children will come across what has to be a familiar scenario for every family – a child who does not want to go to sleep. Gentle on the ears and the mind and with illustrations that are furry to the touch, this is a perfect title for bedtime storytelling.

Little Bunny's bedtime


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