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Lily Dale: Believing

Wendy Corsi Staub

Fiction (Series)

Ages 12 and up

Walker Books, 2008, 0-8027-9656-7

  Calla is beginning to get used to her new life in Lily Dale. However. She is not yet used to her own psychic abilities, and she is seriously unnerved when she starts seeing a spirit more and more often. Calla understands that the dead girl is trying to tell her something, but at first she does not know what that something is. Then she begins to realize that the girl is trying to tell her about a serial killer who is on the loose. He has a new victim and Calla needs to do something.

  Though Calla got in trouble for getting involved in spirit business on another occasion, she feels that she cannot just stand by and let someone die. And so she once again becomes a conduit between the world of the dead and the world of the living. In the process she puts herself in grave danger, for the killer decides to turn his attention on her.

  In this second Lily Dale title, the author gives her readers another thrilling story that is somewhat more chilling and exciting than the first book was. Not only does Calla find herself matching wits with a cold blooded killer, but she also starts to put together some clues about her mother’s death, and her findings are decidedly unnerving. Readers are left with a cliff hanger that will leave them eager to find out what happens next.

Lily Dale Believing


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