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Learning to Fly
Sebastian Meschenmoser
Picture Book
Ages 4 and up
Kane/Miller, 2006, 1-929132-93-X
  A man meets a penguin who informs him that he has been flying. Now everyone knows that penguins can’t fly and the man tells the penguin this. Together they verify that this is indeed the case. Of course being a bird the penguin really does want to fly so the man sets about trying to help the flying-challenged creature get itself airborne. The results of their research and experiments are not promising. It would seem that there is no way to get the penguin into the air and keep it there. Then something quite surprising happens and the penguin, and the man, discover that it takes more than hollow bones and the right kind of wings to get a bird into the air – it also takes confidence and faith. If you believe, it will happen.
  This delightful little book with its minimal text and truly charming pencil and watercolor illustrations will have readers laughing and smiling as they follow the misadventures of the poor penguin and his human friend. We begin to wonder if the bird will ever be able to attain his dream and then we discover that at times, it takes something simple yet special to make a dream come true. This book would make a perfect gift for anyone who is facing a challenge which seems insurmountable.

Learning to Fly


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