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Giovanni Caviezel

Illustrations by C. Mesturini

Board Books (Series)

Ages 4 to 6

Barron’s Educational Series, 2007, 0-7641-6065-6

  Many of us are fascinated by stories about knights. But who were the knights and what was it like to be a knight? This clever board book makes this complex subject accessible to even very young children. It explains how knights were brave soldiers who were “good with both pens and swords.” Weapons and armor are described and young readers can see how knights had to work hard training to improve their fighting skills. Once they had proved themselves worthy the young men would be knighted at a special investiture ceremony.

  Throughout the book, children not only see pictures of knights of old in action but they also see pictures of little children playing at being knights. They can thus be inspired to play their own games, pretending to be Sir Lancelot or one of the other knights mentioned in the book.

  Shaped like a knight and cleverly cut from sturdy board covered foam, this unique novelty board book will delight little children who dream of being knights who ride white horses, who fight dragons, and who go on quests. It tells the real story of what it was like to be a knight in terms that are easy to understand, and it also touches on the stories of famous knights as well.

  This is one of the titles in the “Little People Shape Books” series.





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