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Katy Duck is a caterpillar

Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Illustrated by Henry Cole

Picture Book (Series)

Ages 4 to 6

Simon and Schuster, 2009, 978-1-4169-6061-4

  Katy Duck loves to dance. She dances in winter, summer, and fall, but most of all she loves spring because this is the season when “amazing things happen right before your eyes. Katy likes to stretch like a new bud, hop like a baby bird, and sway in the breeze “like the tulips poking their heads above ground.”

  Katy is therefore thrilled when she learns that she and the other dancers at Mr. Tutu’s School of Dance are going to be performing in a special “celebration of spring” recital. Katy is eager to find out what part she is going to play in the show, and she busily practices being a daffodil, a swan, and a baby bird. Imagine Katy’s disappointment when Mr. Tutu tells Katy that she is going to be a caterpillar in the recital. A caterpillar? How dreadful!

  In this funny and amusing seasonal story, Katy Duck fans will be delighted to see their favorite dancing duck in a new adventure. Katy Duck proves that she is up to the challenge of playing a role that she does not, at first, like at all. Children will love the story’s happy ending, and they will find that it is hard not to love spring when Katy Duck is a part of it.



Katy Duck is a caterpillar


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