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Katy Duck, Big Sister

Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Illustrated by Henry Cole

Board Book

Ages 2 to 5

Simon and Schuster, 2008, 1-4169-4209-2

  Almost more than anything else in the world Katy Duck loves to dance. She loves to “spin like a snowflake in the winter sky” and to “flutter like a butterfly on a warm summer day.” She also loves it when her mother watches her and when her father lifts her above his head like a real dancing partner.

  There are times however when Katy’s little brother Emmet claims all the attention of Mr. and Mrs. Duck. At these times poor Katy feels very left out. When Emmet borrows Katy’s ballet tutu one day – to wear on his head - Katy really gets angry. Emmet is spoiling everything.

  There are definitely times when it is very hard to be a big sister or brother. Younger siblings are not always the joy that everyone else seems to think they are. This little book shows how hard it can be, and children who are trying to get used to having a sibling around are sure to be comforted by it. They will also see that little sisters and brothers are not all bad. After all, one can tell them what to do and one can always be in charge!

  With a sympathetic - and very sweet looking - main character, and a simple story which many children will find familiar, this is a wonderful addition to the Katy Duck library.



Katy Duck Big Sister


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