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Johnny and the Bomb

Terry Pratchett

Fiction (Trilogy)

Ages 8 to 12

HarperCollins, 2006, 978-0-06-054193-4

  Johnny Maxwell is doing a project for school about World War II and he has learned that in 1941 his own town of Blackbury was bombed by the Germans. The whole of Paradise Street and everyone living on it was blow to bits. Johnny, who is prone to worrying and getting anxious these days, can’t helping thinking about all those poor people who died. What if someone could travel through time? What if one could go back to Paradise Street?

  Johnny is out with his friends Bigmac, Yo-less and Wobbler when they find the local bag lady, Mrs. Tachyon, lying in an alleyway. The boys call for help and then Johnny decides, much as he doesn’t like the idea, that he will take Mrs. Tachyon’s shopping cart home for safekeeping until she is well enough to get out of the hospital.

  Johnny and his friend Kirsty discover that Mrs. Tachyon’s shopping cart can do something very extraordinary – it can send people back in time. Johnny and his friends take a number of journeys back to the World War II years, and they discover that it never pays to mess with time, even in the smallest way, because the consequences to the future can be very dire indeed.

  In this wonderful Johnny Maxwell title Johnny discovers how fragile time is. He also learns that he is capable of taking charge when the situation requires it. He does not always have to worry and let life run him over. He can lead others in times of trouble and his sensitivity and imagination can give him abilities that other people simply do not have. With humor and poignancy master storyteller Terry Pratchett captures the joy and pain that all humans experience as they go through life.

  This is one of three books about Johnny Maxwell, all of which are unique and which have a meaningful message to share with readers.


Johnny and the Bomb


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