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John F. Kennedy and the Stormy Sea
Howard Goldsmith
Illustrated by Renne Benoit
Non-Fiction (Series)
Ages 6 to 9
Simon and Schuster, 2006, 0-689-86817-0
  John F. Kennedy and his sister Kathleen are on the beach digging for clams when Kathleen, or “Kick,” announces that she is bored. Her brother, whom everyone calls Jack, suggests that they go sailing. So off the two children go, stopping to tell a friend of their father’s that they are going out in the boat. He warns them that the weather is turning nasty and recommends that they should not go out too far. The children agree and sure enough they soon find that the waves are very big indeed. Then fog begins to swirl around them. Kick begins to cry but Jack is determined that he is going to get them both back to safety somehow.
  In this story from John F. Kennedy’s childhood young readers will discover that the courage that JFK became famous for later in life had its beginnings when he was still just a boy. Well written in an engaging style which is suitable for independent readers, this book is sure to encourage children to want to know more about the young man who would grow up to become one of America’s most popular presidents.
  This is one of the titles in the “Stories of Famous Americans” series.

John F Kennedy and the stormy sea


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