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Joe Boat
Sandy Riggs
Illustrated by Kristin Barr
Fiction (Series)
Ages 4 to 6
Barron’s Educational Series, 2006, 0-7641-3296-2
  Joe is a little tugboat who has big dreams of sailing away from home to see far off lands. He likes to think of all the places he would like to go. Perhaps he could see Rome or New York City. For now though Joe has to content himself with staying where he is. Mind you he is a very valuable member of the boat community. Joe helps larger vessels get properly situated for loading and unloading and he is there to assist them should anything go wrong.
  In this engaging little story about a little boat who has big dreams, beginner readers will practice reading words with the long “o” sound. Certain words appear frequently and will soon become familier. Others will need to be sounded out and will present the reader with more of a challenge.
  At the back of the book the author provides the reader with further information about boats and there is also a craft activity which shows the reader how to build a little boat to play with.


Joe Boat


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