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It happens in the month of February
Ellen Jackson
Illustrated by Robin DeWitt and Pat DeWitt
Non Fiction (Series)
Ages 6 to 8
Charlesbridge, 2002, 0-88106-996-5
  In the north February is still a time of cold days and snowfalls, of time spent sitting by the fire and of drinking hot cocoa. And yet there is a hint of something in the air that tells us that spring is not too far off. There are times of thaw and violets and some other small and charming flowers can be seen blooming in the woods late in month. 
  During the days when the temperatures go up a little animals can be seen moving about. For some this is the time to find a mate and to get ready for the arrival of babies.
  For people February is the month when they celebrate Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, and President’s Day. Valentines Day is particularly popular with its gifts of flowers, candies, and cards.
  Written in an engaging style and full of interesting information about nature and history, this is one of the excellent titles in the “It happens in the month of…” series. Children will be intrigued to learn where the month got its name, what the gemstone of the month is, and more.

It happens in the month of February


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