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Inventor McGregor
Kathleen T. Pelley
Pictures by Michael Chesworth
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 8
Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2006, 0-374-33606-7
  Hector McGregor is the kind of man who could fix just about anything and people from all around take full advantage of Hector’s gift, bringing him their broken possessions which he is able to fix with great skill no matter how difficult the job is. Then one day the postman comes to Hector with a problem that requires a special touch. Somehow Hector has to find a way to stop the dog in Loopy Lane from attacking the postman’s bag. Being a very creative man Hector invents a special bag which will bark and the dog in Loopy Lane is quite terrified of this wonderful invention.
  Of course everyone soon hears of postman’s wonderful bag and now they too want Hector to create something for them that will “make their world a little better or brighter.” Being such a kind man Hector obliges and soon his neighbors have the most amazing inventions which make their lives easier and more entertaining. Then the Royal Society of Inventors hears about Hector’s inventions and they insist that he should leave his happy life in the country and go to the city to work in a laboratory. They will not take no for an answer. What the Society and Hector both come to realize is that Hector is not the kind of inventor who does well in a city. In fact he is downright miserable when he isn’t able to work at home surrounded by the things and the people he loves best. Not only that, but Hector cannot invent in the city either.
  This delightful picture book is a wonderful tribute to the creative process. Readers are reminded that it is not enough to be clever, imaginative, or creative. One also has to be happy doing what one is good at. If the circumstances are right then the creative process will flow in just the right way, but if the environment does not tweak the creator’s imaginative side, then you might as well just forget the whole thing.
  Amusing and insightful illustrations are perfectly paired with a clever and entertaining text to create a picture book which will appeal to readers of all ages.



Inventor McGregor


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