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In the Bush: Our Holiday at Wombat Flat

Roland Harvey

Picture Book

Ages 4 to 8

Allen and Unwin, 2005, 1-74114-592-9

  Frankie and his family are going to spend their vacation at Wombat Flat. They leave home at 5:00 in the morning and a few hours later they get to their destination. Penny, Frankie’s big sister, is looking forward to going horseback riding. Henry, Frankie’s big brother, is thrilled to be going to Wombat flat at all. Dad wants to see Uncle Kev’s new canoe.

 When they set up their first camp Henry decides to enter the Great Boat Race. He also goes panning for gold. The following day they all explore a brushranger’s (outlaw’s) hideout, and that evening they have a grand time sitting around the campfire.

  The next day Uncle Kev takes the family rafting and much fun is had playing in the water and going over waterfalls. Penny is thrilled when they go horseback riding on their fourth day at Wombat Flat. The night they spend in a hut in the mountains is full of good times and star gazing.

 Then, as if they haven’t had enough fun already, it snows!

 With very few words and terrific full page illustrations, Roland Harvey takes his readers on a wonderfully funny, sometimes peculiar, journey with an Australian family. Readers will want to look at the artwork again and again to see everything, and adults will enjoy the funny social commentaries that can be found in the pictures. 



In the Bush


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