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Norman Messenger
Picture/Novelty Book
Ages 6 and up
Candlewick Press, 2005, 0-7636-2757-7
  Imagine what it would be like to pour tea out of a teapot which did not have a spout. Imagine what it might be like to try to ride a bike with square wheels. Take a journey to a land where giants are hiding in all kinds of unexpected places.
  As they look through this unique book readers will find that their imagination gets a real opportunity to stretch its muscles as they look for hidden secrets, try to figure out puzzles, and imagine what it would be like to see or to do lots of peculiar objects, people, animals and more. Readers will discover all manner of odd things as they lift flaps, open out pages, and turn dials. And though many of these things could never really exist in our world, how wonderful it is to imagine what it might be like if they could.
  With stunning artwork full of rich detail, Norman Messenger has created a book which will engage readers of all ages for a good while. Perfect to dip into at random, this exploration of the imagination is both beautiful to look at and fun to explore. Readers might be tempted to think up some of their own impossible imaginings which they can share with their family and friends.




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