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Gina Wilson
Illustrated by P. J. Lynch
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 8
Candlewick Press, 2001, 0-7636-1623-0
  Ignis is a very dragonish dragon and is envied by many of his peers and yet there is one thing that disturbs him greatly; Ignis cannot breathe fire. His Grandragon tells him that the ability will come "all in good time" and his best friend Scintilla says "I love you anyway," but Ignis is not comforted. The little dragon even begins to wonder if he is a dragon at all.
  So, Ignis leaves his wonderful Dragonland and goes off to find out what he is. Ignis makes some great friends and yet he knows in his heart that he is not like them - he is something else and he must continue to seek the answer to his question "where's my fire?" It is only when he climbs a high mountain that Ignis finds what he is looking for and his happiness is made complete.
  With luscious and gloriously coloured double page art which presents the dragon, his world, and his adventure in a sympathetic and multi-dimensional way "Ignis" is a dragonish treasure.



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