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If I had a dragon
Tom and Amanda Ellery
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 7
Simon and Schuster, 2006, 1-4169-0924-9
  Morton does not like to play with his little brother. Why? Because he is just too small to play the kinds of games Morton likes to play. Morton cannot help wishing his brother “would turn into something fun” like a kite or a bulldozer or, better still, a dragon. Why if his brother turned into a dragon Morton could do so many things with him. They could go for walks couldn’t they? Actually that might be a problem because the dragon might fly off with him. They could play basketball then. Then again it would be hard to score against something as big as a dragon.
  The more he imagines it and the more he thinks about it, the more Morton realizes that a large green winged dragon might not be the best playmate after all.
  The creators of this picture book clearly understand how a big brother might feel about his little brother. They appreciate how a little brother might not always be the best playmate. Best of all they understand what might happen if a dragon were to become part of the family. With laugh-out-loud illustrations and perfectly chosen little boy language Tom and Amanda Ellery have created a book which will appeal to big brothers and dragon fans alike. So, if you are considering turning in your younger sibling for a dragon, you may want to look at this book and think the plan through a little more carefully.


If I had a dragon


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