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I’ve Seen Santa

David Bedford

Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Picture Book

Ages 3 to 6

Tiger Tales, 2005, 1-58925-411-2

  It is Christmas Eve and Little Bear is very excited. Santa will be coming to visit his house that very night. But then Little Bear starts to worry. What if Santa can’t fit in the chimney? To calm his son’s fears Big Bear goes up onto the roof, and he climbs - or rather falls - down the chimney (in a cloud of soot). Next Little Bear worries that Santa might not visit their house because he has so many other places to visit. Mommy Bear reassures him that Santa will come “just as soon as you go to sleep.”

  Unfortunately Little Bear has a very hard time falling asleep. Not only that, but he would like to see Santa for himself. And so the evening evolves into many little adventures and surprises.

  This sweet picture book is the perfect title to read on Christmas Eve when children are excited and are having a hard time settling down for the night. The charming ending will give readers something to smile at, and seeing the characters in their cozy fire-lit home will remind families that they too have something wonderful to share on Christmas.



I've seen Santa


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