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I saw an Ant on the railroad Track
Joshua Prince
Illustrated by Macky Pamintuan
Picture Book
Ages 5 to 7
Sterling, 2006, 1-4027-2183-8
 One day an ant, carrying his worldly belongings with him, is seen by a railroad switchman as the little creature walks by on the railroad track. The ant is very hungry and is looking for something to eat. So engrossed is it with its looking and its walking that it quite fails to notice the world around it. Just as the switchman begins his lunch he hears the sound of a train coming. He quickly realizes that if he doesn’t do something the “eastbound ant” and the “westbound train” are going to collide which will certainly not be a good thing for the ant.
  With all his might the switchman does his best to pull the switch that will redirect the train away from the ant. Try as he might the switch won’t budge for it is well and truly jammed. Surely this is the end for the hungry little ant.
 Written with a rhythm which suggests the “clickety-clack” of a train running along a railroad track, this funny story will give readers plenty to smile at. The tension builds and builds and the train gets closer and closer to the little ant until, at last, the train rushes by.
  Vivid illustrations give the reader multiple views of the events in the story. We see things from the point of view of a very small ant, and we also see things from the point of view of the large, kind-hearted switchman.


I saw an ant on the railroad track


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