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How nearly everything was invented
Jilly MacLeod
Illustrated by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 8 and up
DK, 2006, 0-7566-2077-5
 Meet the Brainwaves, “little people with big ideas.” The Brainwaves are going to show you how inventions have changed our world and how one invention so often leads on to the development of others. The Brainwaves particularly want to show you how the invention of the lens, the steam engine, the light bulb, the internal combustion engine, the transistor, and gunpowder have had changed our world as we know it. For each of these inventions we will see how the initial invention lead to the development of many subsequent inventions in the years that followed. Thus James Watt’s invention, the steam engine, was expanded upon by Trevithick and Stephenson who built locomotives. The steam engine was also developed further by others to create machines which could spin thread, weave cloth and forge iron. Steam engines had such a profound effect on the world that they brought a new era into being – the Industrial Revolution.
  In addition to looking at these six inventions in great detail, the Brainwaves also tell us the story of some of the world’s most famous inventors; they look at some fantastic (often silly and bizarre) inventions which were not big successes; they examine “Fascinating Firsts” such as the zipper and the computer mouse; they giggle at some truly “Fabulous Flops”; and they take a look into the future to see what we might expect inventors to build next.
  Readers will be hard pressed not to smile and they watch the cartoon-like Brainwaves running, playing, talking and yelling all over the pages. In spite of themselves readers will learn all kinds of things that did not know before about inventions, inventors, and the world around them. In addition the Brainwaves will show readers how many of the inventions worked and they will even try out a few that did not work so well. Large, often fold-out, pages packed with illustrations and information will keep readers busy for hours.
  At the back of the book readers will find a Timeline and Glossary to help them in their explorations.


How nearly everything was invented


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