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Honey: A Gift from Nature
Yumiko Fujiwara
Illustrated by Hideko Ise
Non-Fiction Picture Book
Ages 4 to 8
Kane/Miller, 2006, 1-929132-94-8
  When spring arrives a little boy asks his father if he can go with him into the mountains to tend to the bees in his father’s hives. It is a busy time for the chestnut trees as in bloom and the bees as hard at work returning to the hives with bellies full of nectar and with the pollen sacks on their legs full of pollen. The little boy watches as his father smokes the hives and then they gently remove the frames from the hives to get out the honey. The little boy learns how the bees turn the nectar and pollen into honey by mixing the two in inside their bodies.
  Young children will be fascinated to learn how honey is created by bees and how honey made from different flowers can have its own unique color, texture and flavor. Young readers will not only get an appreciation for the wonders of the natural world but they will see how man can work in harmony with nature and how a little boy from Japan shares a special time with his father.
  Luminous illustrations glow with color and seem to vibrate with life, buzzing with the wings of the bees and trembling with the movement of the leaves in the trees.

Honey a gift from nature


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