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Hondo and Fabian
Peter McCarty
Picture Book
Ages 2 to 4
Henry Holt, 2002, USA $16.95, Canada $23.95, 0-8050-6352-8
  Hondo is a dog and Fabian is a cat. These two pets live together comfortably and in their own ways they are much alike, despite the fact that one barks and the other meows.
  In this very simple and beautifully illustrated book we follow Mondo and Fabian as they spend a day, each doing their own thing in their own way. Hondo goes to the beach and plays with his friend Fred. Fabian stays at home sleeping, trying to keep out of Baby's way, and finding a something highly entertaining to play with. Both animals get hungry and wish they could 'acquire' some food that just 'happens' to be lying about.
  For children who have animals in their lives, this charming little tale will provide a peak into the daily activities of their pets. For the older reader there is that humorous element, that obvious understanding on the part of the author of what makes cats and dogs tick, which will entertain and amuse.
  This is a Caldecott Honor book.

Hondo and Fabian


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