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Heave Ho!
Heinz Janisch
Illustrated by Carola Holland
Picture Book
Ages 3 to 6
North-South Books, 2005, 0-7358-2091-0
  This is a story told in twelve sentences. No, I am not joking and you will be astonished to find how much of a story can indeed be told in just twelve sentences. Of course in this story there are also pictures to go with the words and, as we all know, pictures can tell a person a lot about a place, characters, and a story.
  So, this a story about a cat who calls for help and how a mouse and dog come to see what the cat is yelling about. The cat tells the mouse a secret who then tells the secret to the dog. Then the cat, mouse, and dog get together to carry out a clever plan which succeeds and which also, no doubt, gets them into trouble as well.
  In this delicious miniature tale, the author manages to tell a wonderful, surprising, and funny story in very few words. Readers will come to see that a story need not be long-winded to be effective and they will be charmed by the naughty antics of the cat and its friends.
  Bright and animated illustrations perfectly compliment the text, rounding out both the story and the characters.

Heave Ho


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