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Gus and Grandpa and Show-and-tell

Claudia Mills

Pictures by Catherine Stock

Fiction (Series)

Ages 5 to 7

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2000, 0-374-32819-6

  When Gus was in first grade he loved show-and-tell because he could take whatever he wanted to show his class. Now that he is in second grade however, he does not enjoy show-and-tell times at all because his teacher will only let her students bring in things which are relevant to the topic of the week. Thus when it was “natural habitat” week Gus brought in a picture of a beaver lodge – which he thought was really “dumb.” One of his classmates, Ryan Mason, brought in a model of a beaver lodge which he made himself.

  By the time “Colorado History” week comes around Gus is thoroughly fed up with show-and-tell. Everything that he has brought in to class so far has been far from successful as far as Gus is concerned. What on earth can he bring about Colorado history?

  Gus decides to ask his grandpa, and Grandpa proceeds to share his stories and his photo album with Gus. Being seventy years old Grandpa is himself a part of Colorado history. Should Gus tells Grandpa’s stories or should he take the photo album to school to show his class?

  In this charming book children will once again get to spend some time with Gus and his wonderful grandfather. Readers will discover that history can be as close as member of their own family, and that it can be interesting and entertaining as well.

  With a text which is broken up into chapters and which is accompanied by illustrations, this is a perfect title for newly independent readers.


Gus and Grandpa and show and tell


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